About Us

JAGDISH & SONS established in 1992. Aim to serve Industries with superior quality Lubricants. JAGDISH & SONS, under Brand name SIL-LUB™ manufacture Speciality lubricants, base on highly refine Mineral base oils, Silicone base oils & Synthetic base oils. We serve the industries as per customize requirement with quality material, economy price and timely delivery. SIL-LUB™ aims at ONCE THROUGH LUBRICATION which meets the technical requirements  of   demanding application. SIL-LUB™, try to minimize the lubricants feed rates. Which will results into

1) reduced contamination and pollution

2) reduced maintenance and downtime

3) reduced fire hazards

4) reduced lubricants consumption.

Our high performance lubricants are manufacture under straight laboratory control, which are tested in house as well as in independent laboratories. We are catering our products to Engineering Industries, Power generation units, Textile Industries, Miming Industries, Electronics & Electrical Industries, Vacuum Metallurgical & Coating Industries.

Why Us

Continual market studies are conducted in Various countries.

  •   Fixed meetings are conducted with customers, to know their specific pressure.

  •   Final products do not leave the unit, without quality testing.

  •   Products are packaged & sealed in corrugated and HDPE and other containers.

  •   With imperfect overheads, we work under low profits & with customer-centric methodology.

Our Strength

We are soaring high amidst stiff competition owing to following reasons :

Quality range of Lubricants

  •  Modern infrastructure

  •  Associations with reputed vendor bases

  •  Link-ups with reliable transportation facilities

  •  Wide distribution network

  •  Timely delivery

Our Mission

We strive to satisfy our customers by providing them with quality products and solutions that meet their requirements.

Our mission is to provide high quality lubricants and self lubricators on a right price along with highest quality engineering services to reach zero unplanned machine component failures.


The quality policy adhered to in manufacture of goods on large scale of machinery unit is underlined below :

  •  To exceed our customer’s expectations & fulfillment.

  •  To provide consistent high degree of goodness products in Automotive Industrial Lubricants, Greases, Brake Fluids & Coolants.

  •  To continually improve the standards of products and services through successful implementation of quality management